Frequently Asked Questions

When I switched off my mic on GT Booth, I can still be heard on Zoom.

Zoom mic and GTB mic are completely decoupled, so when you are working on Zoom, you need to remember to manually control the Zoom mic as the audience is listening there. The “Live” button controls whether audience can hear you from the GT audience solution but not from Zoom.  

The mic decoupling is by design, as we want to give interpreters the possibility to talk to booth partner (as the passive interpreter) with Zoom mic muted.  

GT Console controls the Mic and Live on GTB side only.

I’m interpreting at the moment. How can I talk to my partner without letting the audience hear me?

The ‘Live’ button was designed exactly for this purpose. It works just like the cough button in a physical booth. Switch off the ‘Live’ button, and then the audience won’t be able to hear you. (Reminder: your partner can always hear you, unless you turn off your Mic on GT Booth.)

What does the ‘Zoom SI’ switch do? What would we have to do more if it was not enabled?

The Zoom SI switch controls the Outgoing channel on GTB and Zoom together in a consecutive manner, i.e. click on GTB outgoing channel switch and then Zoom SI channel will flip too.  

To fulfil this requirement, Zoom SI switch must be turned on, and there should be no other programs running on the desktop (only Zoom Meeting and GTB programs), with the initial outgoing states the same between GTB and Zoom, and the switch needs to be initiated on the GTB outgoing channels (not on Zoom SI channels).  

It is an intermediate solution if you don’t have access to GT Console, which can simultaneously switch on GTB and Zoom with no delay. 

With the 'Zoom SI' button engaged, if you change the output channel from Zoom by accident or out of habit without changing it on GT booth, there was a mismatch between the output channels on the GT booth and Zoom.

The “Zoom SI” button has two purposes: 1) to give interpreters a way to click once only and switch both GTB and Zoom outgoing channel in a sequential way (not simultaneously), so it is better than two clicks to reduce cognitive loads when relay happens; 2) to give the GTB SI technician the capability to switch Zoom SI channels with this button turned on.  

Certainly, the mis-operation on Zoom may make things complicated, but with a bit of practising we believe one can get used it. GT Console will be the more perfect solution to this issue, as it switches both Zoom and GTB outgoing channels together without any delay.  

A cavet is that you have to remember to click Zoom window to keep it on top when pressing the GT Console outgoing to switch channels (exactly opposite to Zoom SI button operation where you click on GTB).  

For passive interpreters, forming a habit of clicking on handover first and then turning on zoom mic will be a good one to make sure this process always works. 

Cannot hear yourself and/or your partner in GT Booth?

Zoom and GTB need to be on the same audio settings: your chosen mic and headset on Win and your chosen mic and Green Terp Audio device on Mac.  

[mic sync function of Zoom] Another cause for you to not be able to hear each other on GTB after Zoom is on (assume you can hear each other on GTB before Zoom is open), is most likely that your headset mic on/off button is in sync with Zoom soft button for microphone control. In that case, if your Zoom mic is turned off (as a passive interpreter), then your mic physical button is synced to be off though your GTB mic on screen is on, no voice is sent to your booth partners. 

Should I log in Zoom first or GT Booth first? What difference does it make?

You should always log in GT Booth first, before logging in any other platforms, as GT Booth would need to take hold of your camera (you need a camera connected) first.

For Windows users, the system only allows one program to get hold the same camera, while for Mac users, multiple programs can access the camera at the same camera. If you join Zoom with your camera on, before logging into GT Booth, and you only have one camera. You would have to quit Zoom and start from GT Booth first.

How to alert the technician?

Simply press the “Hands Up” button. The technician will ‘walk’ in your booth and would be able to hear you talk and see what you type in the Booth live-chat.

My partner, who was the active interpreter, dropped out possibly due to poor internet connection and is trying to get back. How do I takeover?

Alert the technician through the ‘Raise Hand’ function, and ask to be made as the active interpreter. It can be achieved within a second.

I suddenly lost sound on my headset. I have GT Booth installed but I’m not in any session at the moment.

This is a common issue from MacOS. You need to go to the GT Booth settings (after you joined a GT Booth session),  scroll down until you see the button “RESET SYSTEM AUDIO”, click and input your computer Admin password. Then wait for 2 seconds or so, until you see the Green Terp Audio Device icon showing in the Mac menu bar on top of the screen again. Then set the right speaker (Green Terp Audio Device Virtual) in your GT Booth settings and all set.

I scheduled a session on GT Booth. When I try to go in, it shows ‘Meeting Not Opened’. Why?

A session only opens 30 mins prior to its scheduled starting time. If your time zone is adopting Summer or Winter time, please select that when you create the session.

When I try to log in GT Booth, on the Device Testing page, only Network status is On while Camera, Headset and Mic are Off. What should I do?

This is likely to be caused by unavailable camera in the computer. 1) the computer might not have a camera properly connected, 2) the camera might have been occupied by another program open in Windows OS, 3) sometimes camera malfunctions, so a reboot of the computer will make it work, 4) the built-in camera is faulty and there is a need to plug in an external camera. Please troubleshoot based on these four reasons.

I logged in GT Booth, and everything was fine until I logged into the main meeting platform, such as Teams. Suddenly audience can't hear me.

Most likely your microphone on GT Booth was coupled by the main meeting platform. Since you're muted on the platform, your mic on GT Booth was automatically muted.

You just need to set the main meeting platform (such as Teams) mic to your computer embeded mic or another mic which you are not going to use. Then two microphones are decoupled, and you can turn on/off your GTB mic freely.