Mobile phone version for GT Booth

Immediate provision of interpretation services
Most ideal for emergency situations

Usage Scenarios


Back-up solution

When interpreters need to work on the go, without access to their computers, or when booth partner needs to work remotely, …

Ideal for low bandwidth areas

In low-bandwith areas, video communication will be choppy. Audio-only Mobile GT Booth adapts you to the low-bandwidth environment quickly while keeping the inter-operability with normal GT Booth used by your boothmate.

Onsite visits

- Multi-lingual services for onsite visits, such as factory tour.
- Relay enabled.
- Completely replacing tour guide systems (bidule, panaguide, etc.)

Workshops, Group discussions

- Real-time communication, rather than switching to consecutive interpretation or chuchotage / whisper interpreting
- Audience can listen directly on their smartphones

Ad-hoc sessions

Built for ad-hoc sessions, pop-up meetings, emergency situations, such as power outages, …

All you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile phone, making it a simple and convenient solution for events of all settings with a predictable and manageable budget.


Key Features of Green Terp’s Mobile GT Booth (MGTB)

Allow interpreters to move around (within the Internet coverage area) while interpreting
Enable relay (retour) on the phone 
No more corporate firewall blockage of access 
No more corporate access whitelist of Applications for in-house (on-premise) interpreters
Operate on browsers, i.e. no need to download any application
It is now accessible by interpreters via (user log-in required).
Dashboard mockup

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