Green Terp
Conferencing Platform

for your online, offline and hybrid events
the SaaS equivalence to any SI hardware manufacturer
Augmented by Artificial Intelligence

All-in-one platform

World’s #1 Award-Winning RSI Platform

Serves every interpreter from student to professional
Immersive experience for interpreters, audience and speakers

We Give Your Booth Back!

Interpreters can see, hear and collaborate with their booth partners in real time.

True Virtual Booths and Pan-Balance function

The best simulation of the real booth experience, resolving the one of biggest challenges of online events.

The world’s first platform

Empower Interpreters with Artificial Intelligence

Cloud-based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for close captioning
For interpreters to have immediate elevation of performance
For audience to better understand the content

true multilingual platform

Relay Interpreting

More meetings and events made possible to be held
at the same time at more places
not only online but also onsite

All-in-one platform

Three interfaces that are specifically designed for key users

Event organizers and audio-visual producers
Participants, Speakers, Audience

Why Choose Us

Why Green Terp?

No Conflict of Interest and 100% Transparent Pricing

Does not play any language service provider role directly or indirectly
No need to be certified to use our platform

The Most Intuitive Design

Can easily join in and participate 
Minimal training is required
The best simulation of real booth experience

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Interpreters will be able to deliver performance of the highest possible level

Endorsement by Conference Interpreting Institutions

Proud Grand Award Winner of CIUTI Contest on RSI platforms
See Announcement 🏆


Our Latest News & Updates


Green Terp Wins the Grand Award at the CIUTI Contest with Its Online Platform GT EDU for Conference Interpreting

Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a SaaS provider for multi-lingual meeting solutions, announced today that it won the Grand Award at the annual CIUTI Contest for its online platform GT EDU, for conference interpreting for education and training purposes.

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