GT BOOTH - Virtual SI Booth
for Hybrid Events

GT Booth, designed and developed by Green Terp Technologies,
is the world’s first and only virtual booth for simultaneous interpreting
for all hybrid and virtual event set-ups.

plug-in solution

How to Use?

GT BOOTH is a plug-in solution that works seamlessly with any platform.

It requires no technical integration and no change of user behaviour
from meeting participants.  

Just plug in and go! 

No video injection, cutting latency by half and no compressed sounds

No operational manpower involved, further bringing down the cost

Complete segregation of the meeting platform and GT Booth –100% security for users

The most compact solution in the market, without reinventing the “meeting” wheels, and works with any meeting or event platforms

Be able to maximize your audience outreach at minimal incremental costs

The most versatile SI solution that can be deployed onsite, remotely or hybrid.

For corporates, banks, organizations: Internal training, meetings, webinars…

Since GT Booth works with any meeting platform and requires no tech integration, you will waste no adoption time.

Ultimate security is guaranteed with physical segregation of the meeting platform and the virtual booth.  

To ensure the best interaction among your stakeholders across all markets and regions, relay interpreting is essential. GT Booth recreates exactly how it works in the physical SI booth for interpreters, so as to ensure the best delivery of interpretation.  

All is done on one computer, to join the meeting and to work in the booth!  

For event organizers, live streaming platforms, universities: multi-lingual events of all sizes

Functionality wise, GT BOOTH works exactly like the good old-fashioned physical SI console and booth but only better and on clouds.
No limits on the number of languages, including sign languages, as well as audiences (i.e. receivers).

GT Booth is a plug-in solution that runs on a SaaS model, pay-per-use. It provides the most flexible and cost-efficient solutions for large-scale events, for example, when

o Only one or a few sessions of meetings require SI booth services, rather than the entire event.

o You need SI only for breakout sessions  

o You already have your own preferred event platform but just need SI services to be added when needed

For individuals: 1X1 meetings, visits, speeches, …

GT Booth is the most compact SI solution. For whatever occasions, you just need to engage your interpreter for the interpretation. The rest will be taken care of by GT Booth. 

There is no more geographical restriction for you or your interpreters.

SI training

Students now get to experience the true in-booth experience…to be able to see your partner, handover, relay, teamwork, talking with your partner without letting the audience hear you, … 

All has been recreated on GT Booth, one app on one computer.  

It is perfect for classroom training and self-practice purposes, as GT Booth is accessible anytime from anywhere and trainers get to monitor all booths and students on one interface.

For Interpreters (onsite and remote)

No more use of multiple devices: just one computer for any scenarios.

Seamlessly experience with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans, GotoMeeting, Gevme, Canapii, ON24, Hopin, Hubilo, and many more (any event or meeting platform)

Can be used onsite with no need of SI hardware consoles

Hybrid Simultaneous Interpreting (HSI) ready

Improved interpreting experience with GT Console (least cognitive load required) 

For Participants (onsite and online)

No learning curve at all for listening to interpretation (when GT Booth is used with Zoom SI)

Automatic interpretation and floor penetration on GT Receiver with audio mix control (desktop apps)

Automatic interpretation and floor penetration on GT Extension with audio mix control (on browser only)

Automatic interpretation switching on GT Mobile (for smartphones)

Immersive attendance using the most preferred languages, on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WEbex, Bluejeans, GotoMeeting, Gevme, Canapii, ON24, Hopin, Hubilo, and many more (any event or meeting platform)

SI ready for any breakout rooms (Zoom, Cisco Webex or any other plaforms)

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