GT iTech

virtual technicians that can do everything

Banks, Corporates, MNCs, Government Agencies, AV Companies, Language Service Providers, NGOs, Event Companies, PR Firms

Full Support for Zoom Interpretation*

Each of these below can be done instantly with just ONE click at GT iTech

All is done on ONE interface
Full visibility to all virtual booths on GT Booth
Ensure right channels, right mic status, including on Zoom interpretation, with GT Booth
Guarantee correct channels during Relay
Immediately assign interpreters when there are dropouts
Instant Chats to all booths, each booth, and each individual interpreter
Book a Remote SI Technician for Your Next Zoom Meeting

*This can be extended to all event platforms, including some RSI platforms where no proper or immediate technical support can be provided when interpreters incur accidental mis-operations on the platforms.

Bring Your Own Technician (BYOT)

Manage Your Own Hybrid Events

To have your own in-house technician or IT staff to manage your events at $30 per month with unlimited usage!

Subscribe for BYOT Monthly Plan

We will provide you with a one-off training (1-2 hours) to help you familiarize with all the functionalities and operations on GT-iTech.

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Why Us






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