Green Terp Simultaneous Interpreting Training Platform

serves every interpreter from students to professionals

Classroom Digitization

The most significant advantage of a cloud solution is probably the cost reduction of hardware and maintenance. More than that, Green Terp is the world’s first remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platform with True Virtual Booths (TVB), allowing students to truly experience how professional interpreters work in real life, i.e.  to see, hear, monitor and have “direct non-textual” communication with their “booth partner” all integrated in one screen interface.

In the meantime, trainers/teachers are able to virtually enter each booth to listen and comment on students’ performance. The floor audio, students' interpretations, and trainers' comments will be automatically recorded, ready for download and review after class.

All is achieved on one platform – GT EDU.

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All-in-one platform

Technical Advantages

Digital Classroom

A cloud-based Digital Classroom, eliminating the fetters from physical booths and SI hardware setup, making simultaneous interpretation teaching and practicing accessible from anywhere, anytime.

True Virtual Booths

Experience instantaneous video and audio through the True Virtual Booths in a class, with dual-track recording (original and interpretation) together with real-time feedback from the trainers.

Audio Mixing & Balancing

Audio Mixing available for trainers and students during class and for replay after class.
Audio Balancing allows the trainers to assess students with greater ease.

Why Choose Us


Cost Efficient

Transformed the entire traditional SI classroom hardware system
Significantly reduces cost of equipment, operation and maintenance

Best Simulation

Bringing the real-life experience of a professional conference interpreter into your virtual classroom with the most accessible devices – a computer and a headset.

All in One

On the same platform, trainers get to review and comment on students’ work while they are “working” in the booth. Students are able to work in pairs while directly communicate with booth partner with visual support.

Mixed Channels

Trainers and students not only can hear the mixed channels (both original and interpretation at the same time) but also through different ears, a ground-breaking feature brought to RSI by GT EDU.