GT Audience Solutions

The World's First App-Less Solution


just by scanning a QR Code or a simple click on a link
audience can listen to interpretation on their mobile phones
anywhere they want

suitable for all formats of events - onsite, virtual, hybrid

With GT Audience Solutions, you are now able to reach the widest audiences,
be it onsite, hybrid or virtual,
opening doors for unprecedented levels of exposure and engagement.

Desktop (platform integrated)

GT Receiver (Mac, Win)
GreenTerp Extension (for MS Teams, Google Meet, and most event platforms)
GreenTerp for Simultaneous Interpretation (browser extension for breakout rooms on Zoom and Webex, and some event platforms)
GT Widget - fully integrated with some of the top event (live streaming) platforms in the industry

Mobile (onsite)

GT Receiver (iOS)
GT Mobile (browser-based for Android)

Experience level

Seamless Interpretation listening experience


On GreenTerp Extension and our platform-integrated solutions,
audiences get to

Listen to simultaneous interpretation on the same meeting page, without the need of switching to another browser window or application

Control the volume of the floor sound, as well as that of the interpretation freely, with automatic floor sound penetration

Download the Latest GT Receiver Programs

With GT Receiver as an add-on to your meeting platform, your audience can listen to interpretation anywhere they go.
No more hardware receiver!

Add Green Terp Extensions to Your Browser to Enjoy Seamless Interpretation

GreenTerp for Simultaneous Interpretation
For most browser-based platforms, such as Zoom and Webex, with floor penetration.
Add them onto your browser:
GreenTerp Extension
For all browser-based platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Blue jeans, Amazon Chime, with floor penetration, volume mix and pop-up language selector.
Add them onto your browser:

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