Green Terp Achieves Breakthrough with Canapii to Provide Seamless Hybrid Experience for Multilingual Events

·      Audience now can listen to simultaneous interpretation on their mobile phones through Canapii App

·      New breakthrough feature, Automatic Audio Delay, to allow audience from both onsite and live stream platforms to listen to the same interpretation


Singapore, September 15, 2022 – Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a SaaS provider in the space of multi-lingual meeting and event technologies, announces today that it has achieved a breakthrough in its partnership with Canapii, an award-winning event management platform.

The new function allows audience to listen to simultaneous interpretation directly on Canapii APP through their mobile phones, providing seamless hybrid experience for audience across the globe.


Audience now can listen to simultaneous interpretation directly on their mobile phones as Green Terp’s virtual channels are well embedded in Canapii’s platform.

No need to install any application or use of a separate device.


Different from traditional RSI platforms, Green Terp prides itself on absolute data security as its technology allows simultaneous interpreters to work in GT virtual booths, side-by-side with the meetings and events on Canapii.

This does not require any video re-streaming of the events, which not only cuts down costs of manpower and operation, but also removes the single failure point that blocks interpreters from accessing the original audio.



Interpreters will be listening directly to speakers, as well as having full access to all interactions among the participants and the other meeting functions on Canapii.

Green Terp strives to equip interpreters with all the resources and help they need to deliver the best performance, which is essential in facilitating communications between the speakers and audiences.


In hybrid events, when audience both from onsite and on a live stream would like to listen to the same interpretation, the inevitable delay from live streaming makes it hard to achieve.

Some of the RSI platforms would propose to hire two teams of interpreters to work side-by-side, duplicating the effort and doubling the cost. Others would try to impose live stream providers to use their own multi-lingual video players, which also increases the cost significantly and infringes on the event platform’s core interests. Certainly, different language and video streams can be created but to the audience, the experience is not ideal and the traffic are diverged rather than converged.

To resolve this pain point, Green Terp launches its AAD (Automatic Audio Delay) engine, another step forward to creating the best experience for multi-lingual audience in the new hybrid setting.

Green Terp’s AAD automatically caters for both onsite and online audience to listen to interpretation freely, with accurate audio delay added. This breakthrough feature saves clients the trouble of engaging a second team of interpreters for the same event or multi-lingual players superimposed on the client’s event platform.


About Green Terp

Green Terp is a SaaS technology provider to get meetings of any format, onsite, virtual or hybrid, as well as livestreaming events, ready for multilingual communications, with just one simple click.

As the Grand Prize winner of a world wide RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) platform contest in 2020, Green Terp jumpstarted its journey spearheading the simultaneous interpretation technology with the most powerful and adaptive tool in the industry, significantly improving the working conditions and experience for interpreters while enabling the audience to attend meetings anywhere in their preferred languages efficiently. In 2022, Green Terp has been selected as the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in the Language Industry globally, together with companies like Google and Meta.

Green Terp strives to create a space for HSI, hybrid simultaneous interpretation, allowing every party (corporates, organizers, interpreters, audiences) to cooperate remotely, efficiently and fairly.

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About Canapii

Canapii is run by event experts who understand the stress that event organizers thrive on, the pressure to please attendees, and deliver and ROI. Decades of events expertise have combined to produce a platform that is sophisticated, organized, and pragmatic.

They have developed a deep technical experience regarding the attendee’s journey, both onsite and virtual because organizers and event stakeholders will only be satisfied when their audience is engaged. At Canapii, they know that it is the details that matter, not the gimmicks. They truly understand the importance of creating memorable event experiences. Curiosity, innovation, and customer closeness are the pillars driving their success.

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