Green Terp Brings a New Height to Accessibility for All Interpretation Service Operators by Launching the World’s First Subscription Plan with Pricing Transparency

·      GT Booth is the world's first all-purpose interpretation booth which allows users the freedom to customise their virtual booth to their preferred specs.

·      Tailored for all formats of events, onsite, virtual and hybrid.

Singapore, June 7, 2022 – Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a SaaS provider in the space of multi-lingual meeting and event technologies, is excited today to announce its subscription-based pricing plans, tailored for various needs and scales of multi-lingual events.

At Green Terp, we always listen to our customers' needs and build features that they require to succeed in multi-lingual hybrid meetings and events. After months of Beta testing and upgrades of GT Booth - a virtual booth that Green Terp invented to be fully compatible with all major event platforms - we are happy to launch our subscription-based pricing plans, alongside our customized solutions for multi-lingual events.

For the first time in the conference industry, interpreting service operators (event organisers, language service providers, and interpreters) get to create their own sessions for remote simultaneous interpreting to their preferences and to be able to make any last-minute changes as and when needed. The newly launched subscription pricing plan makes this DIY service truly accessible to every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

The two biggest barriers to inclusive language access are cost and ease-to-use by everyone who would like to add interpretation to their meeting. Besides making audience access as easy as scanning a QR code or clicking on a link, Green Terp has gone another step further to cut down any project management and operation costs, by allowing interpreting service operators to manage their sessions directly, provide technical assistance on their own, and enjoy the affordable yet transparent pricing schemes. As a result, anyone that wants to add interpretation to their meeting or event can do so in a breeze with their own preferred interpreters in place.


·      FREE – We will continue to welcome interpreters, including students, to try out GT Booth for 30 minutes per meeting for free.

·      BASIC – For interpreters who wish to use GT Booth as a back channel, BASIC would be the perfect solution, which allows unlimited hours. This is an ideal option for interpreters who are struggling with working with “invisible” boothmates and cumbersome handover procedures. As a bonus for our users, this function is free!  

·      PROFESSIONAL – This plan would be ideal for users who would like to engage GT Booth for short meetings, as it is pay-per-use. Charged at an affordable hourly rate (per booth hour), each session can accommodate up to 3 booths with relay interpretation and 50 receivers at your service.

For customers who would like to ramp up and manage their hybrid or virtual events more efficiently, they may upgrade to BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE plans. For these plans, any unused booth hours will be automatically rolled over to the following month within the annual subscription period.

·      BUSINESS – This is catered to event organizers or corporates that hold small-size hybrid meetings or events on a regular basis. This plan offers 10 booth hours per month per host, 3 booths (with relay) and up to 100 receivers. The remote simultaneous interpreting setting is available - with just one click.

·      ENTERPRISE – This is undoubtedly the most compact solution in the market for mid-size and regular/recurring hybrid meetings or events. This plan offers 15 booth hours per month per host, 5 booths (with relay) and up to 150 receivers.

If you are looking for customized hybrid experiences, for example, your event is expecting thousands of audiences listening to interpretation from across the globe, including China, Green Terp is also happy to provide tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

“As a SaaS tech provider, our mission is to empower all interpreters and language service providers with a level-play field, an inclusive technology tool and the most flexible way to serve events and meetings with interpretation delivery. We also aim to equip event organizers with the easiest, most efficient and intuitive add-on tool of remote simultaneous interpreting, while also ensuring affordability,” said Dr. Bernard Song, the founder and CEO of Green Terp, who is a veteran conference interpreter and computer scientist.

“As hybrid events are gaining popularity, we are seeing that major organizations are now able to reach out to a much wider audience, and have more effective and meaningful conversations with their key stakeholders. We are excited to have been born in this era and will continue to make rigorous contributions to enable equal and effective communications.”

“With our unique approach to adding interpretation to events, hybrid event organisers are able to eliminate any CAPEX spending on hardware black-boxes, which have been proven to be unnecessary and cumbersome for onsite or hybrid setups,” Dr. Song added.


For more information on our subscription pricing plan, please visit our, or get in touch with us via email or our social media channels.



About Green Terp

Green Terp is a SaaS technology provider to get meetings of any format, onsite, virtual or hybrid, as well as livestreaming events, ready for multilingual communications, with just one simple click.

As the Grand Prize winner of a worldwide RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) platform contest in 2020, Green Terp jumpstarted its journey spearheading the simultaneous interpretation technology with the most powerful and adaptive tool in the industry, significantly improving the working conditions and experience for interpreters while enabling the audience to attend meetings anywhere in their preferred languages efficiently.

Green Terp strives to create a space for HSI, hybrid simultaneous interpretation, allowing every party (corporates, organizers, interpreters, audiences) to cooperate remotely, efficiently and fairly.

For more information, please visit



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