Green Terp Launches GT-iTech to Provide Hands-on and Immediate Technical Support for Zoom Interpretation

·      A first in the market, GT-iTech provides remote technical assistance that truly supports Zoom Interpretation

·      Remote interpretation technicians now have full visibility and control over channels and mic status

Singapore, July 18, 2022 – Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a SaaS provider in the space of multi-lingual meeting and event technologies, is excited to announce the launch of GT iTech, an innovative solution of remote technical support for Zoom Interpretation.

This can be extended to all event platforms, including some RSI platforms where no proper or immediate technical support can be provided when interpreters incur accidental mis-operations on the platforms.


Zoom Interpretation has been undoubtedly the most popular platform for holding multi-lingual online meetings. However, the biggest issue for technicians on Zoom meetings with interpretation functionality is the lack of visibility, as well as the ability to provide immediate and efficient support to simultaneous interpreters.

Technician can only do so much as to monitor interpreters and prompt them for rectifications through text or calls.

Interpreters, who are focused on interpretation, will not have enough “bandwidth” to check messages or answer calls, due to cognitive overload while interpreting remotely. As a result, any rectification of mis-operations can only be done, by interpreters themselves, during their own breaks.

It could be very frustrating for interpreters when they accidentally turn on/off their microphones or switch to a wrong language channel. The impact to the meeting without an immediate rectification can be disastrous, and to most clients or event professionals, intolerable. Unfortunately, this cannot be resolved within Zoom’s built-in functions currently.  

The design of GT iTech is to solve exactly this problem. Remote technicians are now able to work as if they were onsite with the interpreters, with the ability to instantly rectify any issues with interpreters’ microphones and outgoing language channels discreetly.


On GT iTech, event technicians are able to remotely secure hybrid (or online)multi-lingual events and meetings on all virtual event platforms in the following ways:

1)     Visibility to all virtual booths on GT Booth on one interface

2)     Ensure that the interpreters are in the right language channels with the right microphone status, including on Zoom interpretation, with GT Booth

3)     Help interpreters get into the right outgoing language channels on GT Booth, especially during the relay interpretation process

4)     Proper microphone management for interpreters on GT Booth

5)     Immediately reassign interpreters to be active when the others are experiencing dropouts

6)     Chat messages to all booths, each booth, and each individual interpreter, respectively

Each of these above can be done instantly with just ONE click at GT iTech.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation has added more cognitive loads on interpreters when operating a computer with a keyboard and mouse. With the technician’s assistance through GT iTech, interpreters get to focus on what they do the best– interpreting, without worrying about any other issues. This could be very helpful for visually impaired interpreters as well.

“At Green Terp, we understand the necessity and need from corporates and organizations to be able to manage interpretation booths to guarantee the smooth operation and success of their hybrid and virtual events with simultaneous interpreting,” said Dr. Bernard Song, the founder and CEO of Green Terp, who is a veteran conference interpreter and computer scientist.

“We take an all-stakeholder approach, to address the pain points of interpreters, event professionals, and end clients, making sure an event or meeting with multi-lingual interpretation will never be left with any chances for failure, through our unique technological innovations.”

Join Green Terp to ensure that all multi-lingual meetings and events are free from technical difficulties. Sign up your interest at


About Green Terp

Green Terp is a SaaS technology provider to get meetings of any format, onsite, virtual or hybrid, as well as livestreaming events, ready for multilingual communications, with just one simple click.

As the Grand Prize winner of a worldwide RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) platform contest in 2020, Green Terp jumpstarted its journey spearheading the simultaneous interpretation technology with the most powerful and adaptive tool in the industry, significantly improving the working conditions and experience for interpreters while enabling the audience to attend meetings anywhere in their preferred languages efficiently.

Green Terp strives to create a space for HSI, hybrid simultaneous interpretation, allowing every party (corporates, organizers, interpreters, audiences) to cooperate remotely, efficiently and fairly.

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