How to Provide Simultaneous Interpretation for Google Meet in the Easiest Way?

If your goals for providing simultaneous interpretation for your Google Meet meetings include one or more of the following, Green Terps’ virtual booth, an add-on solution, is probably a better option than RSI platforms.

·      Ideal (i.e. close to onsite experience)audience experience with real-time simultaneous interpretation

·      Avoid any possible breaches of cybersecurity

·      Stay within budget while maximizing your audience reach

·      Minimum adaptation time and effort(training for interpreters and participants)



1.      Latency on these RSI platforms is usually10 seconds, if not more. However, for any interactive meetings, latency must be less than a second for simultaneous interpretation to happen, as a rule of thumb. A concrete example is shown here (for an actual event):


2.      The participants will not have seamless participation experience unless you use two devices or install a program on the computer.

3.      You will need excessive manpower (cost) to support the meeting even if it is just a two-party business short discussion with 1 interpreter.

4.      Your event on Google Meet has to be injected to the RSI platform, where interpreters actually listen from and work on. You are essentially sharing your date or content with a third party, which increases risks of security and privacy breaching.

Of course, RSI platforms claim their solutions are encrypted. Any encryption can be decrypted. True security is always physical segregation of data.


In the end, Google Meet is so easy to use and possibly the most cost-efficient online meeting solution in the market, with no need to install anything on your computer. It makes no sense for organizers and participants to go through so much more to get access to simultaneous interpreting.

In contrast, Green Terp’s virtual booth get ready in an instant.



Completely different from all the RSI platforms, Green Terp’s virtual booth is designed and developed to complement meeting and event (live streaming) platforms, such as Google Meet, with simultaneous interpreting solutions. Hence, it is the most compact and efficient RSI solution in the market.

1.      No added latency

2.      No need of installing a program or use a second device

3.      No need of human operator for any video injection, completely automatic

4.      Best sound preserved from Google Meet (no processing)

5.      No security or privacy breaching (100% secure)


Green Terp strives to make multilingual engagement for online events as easy as possible.  


It is just the same as how it’s done for onsite events. Arrange a booth(s), assign your own preferred interpreters, and your event is ready for multilingual communication, without the extra troubles and no possibilities of security breaching!


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