You Can Bring Your Own SI Technician to Manage Your Multi-Lingual Events Now!

·      Green Terp Launches Bring-Your-Own-Technician (BYOT) Scheme at Just $30 per Month with Unlimited Usage

·      Full Support to Zoom Interpretation with GT Booth, on GT-iTech

Singapore, August 10, 2022 – Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a SaaS provider in the space of multi-lingual meeting and event technologies, announces today the launch of the Bring-Your-Technician (BYOT) scheme at just $30 per month with unlimited usage.  

BYOT – Bring Your Own Technician

This scheme is catered for corporates and organizations that have virtual or hybrid events on a regular basis and wish to manage their events by their own technicians.

AV companies and Interpretation Equipment Rental companies can equally benefit from this BYOT scheme by leveraging their internal technical staff.

With a one-off training fee by Green Terp and a monthly subscription of the BYOT scheme (US$30/month), certified technicians will have unlimited access to manage all booths on GT Booth servicing all major event platforms, including directly on Zoom Interpretation.

Freelance technicians can also offer their service as BYOT to clients once being trained and certified by Green Terp.

“Experience is everything. We understand that a lot of clients would like to ensure control and visibility of their multi-lingual events. With our BYOT scheme, users not only benefit from all of the features and functionalities on GT-iTech, but also get to manage their events much more efficiently,” said Dr. Bernard Song, the founder and CEO of Green Terp, who is a veteran conference interpreter and computer scientist.

“Green Terp offers a unique opportunity for event organisers to manage an onsite event remotely, while significantly reducing the margin of error of remote simultaneous interpretation. This minimises the friction between the various parties, especially in front of the end clients.”

“This is another first-in-the-market solution designed and developed by Green Terp. We will never cease to understand what users truly need and continue to deliver only the best.”

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About Green Terp

Green Terp is a SaaS technology provider to get meetings of any format, onsite, virtual or hybrid, as well as livestreaming events, ready for multilingual communications, with just one simple click.

As the Grand Prizewinner of a worldwide RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) platform contest in 2020, Green Terp jumpstarted its journey spearheading the simultaneous interpretation technology with the most powerful and adaptive tool in the industry, significantly improving the working conditions and experience for interpreters while enabling the audience to attend meetings anywhere in their preferred languages efficiently. In 2022, Green Terp has been selected as the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in the Language Industry globally, together with companies like Google and Meta.

Green Terp strives to create a space for HSI, hybrid simultaneous interpretation, allowing every party (corporates, organizers, interpreters, audiences) to cooperate remotely, efficiently and fairly.

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